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How It Works

Infinitely scalable
lead generation

BarrelFish delivers quality, qualified marketing leads in the most effective (and cost effective) manner EVER. We can work with your existing list, or help you find new leads...

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Generate Leads

Simply put, we bait the hook. BarrelFish works with you to create high impact, incentivized campaigns that reward your prospects for understanding your marketing message. You only have to pay for the prospects that take the desired action – maximizing the impact of your marketing budget.


Chances are you’re wasting half of your marketing budget...but do you know which half? With BarrelFish, you only pay for qualified leads that take the bait. Do you want them to attend a webinar, visit your tradeshow booth, or take a survey?


  • Expose pre-chosen prospects to your tailored message.
  • Pay only for leads that take the required action.
  • Real-time monitoring allows us to fine tune your campaign.

What You Get

  • Interaction with prospects on your terms.
  • Qualified prospects learning about your benefits.
  • Predictable, measurable results.
  • Fully-integrated campaigns and messaging.

Your List or Ours

Maybe you’ve got prospects waiting with baited breath. We can help reel them in using our targeted, customized incentive program.

But, if you need help with new lists...we’ll have leads coming down the pike pronto; all of the data at our fingertips. Want to get a list of left-handed CIOs who play croquet? How about retirees with pierced ears?

The world is your oyster.

Proven Model

Do you know who doesn't like incentives?

Neither do we.

Not only do people like free stuff…they like it better when it’s something that they want, and will actually use. Standard gift certificates create a 10-40% lift on campaigns. Now…how about if the certificate is to a white tablecloth restaurant of the prospects choosing?

You’ll be shooting fish in a barrel.

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Lead Generation

We work with your existing list, your creative and branding, and our unique messaging designed to drive leads.

Direct Marketing Fulfillment

We use our relationships with fulfillment shops to make sure your direct mail gets fulfilled when you want it to and the printing looks top notch.

Email Marketing

We integrate with the best email service providers to ensure the highest deliverability. You have access to all relevant statistics, and more importantly, the ROI of your campaign.

Campaign Web Development

We work with your existing branding to create a carefully crafted website that supports your campaign and works on all devices.

Value Added Services

  • List acquisition
  • Creative Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Targeting for Your Campaign
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